Absences: The parent or guardian must write a statement explaining every instance of a student's absence. Parents are also encouraged to telephone the attendance secretary in order to inform the school that the parent is aware that their child is not in school. BOE policy requires that the note MUST be presented within 24 hours of the student's return to school; otherwise the student may be denied course credit. Please consult pg. 8 of the NPS High School Student and Family Handbook 2008-2010, found in the About BMHS drop down menu for more information about the attendance policy.

Telephone Calls to Parents: Our computer will be programmed daily to leave messages at the homes of students who were absent for the day. Calls will be made during the evening. Correct telephone information is vital for this important commnuication tool to work.   

BMHS Attendace Office: 203- 852- 9488 ex. 11337.