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                                                     February 4, 2016 

                                        Please Scroll down for Related Arts Teachers

Blue Team News


Ms. Conron (LA)




All Classes:

Long Term Assignment:    

Mrs. Mulvey

HW: Study Vocabulary

Long Term Assignments:

Mr. McGee (Math)


602 & 605: - P. 84(w)  1-6

601, 603, 604 HW: Pg. 104 (w)


Long Term Assignments: 

Dr. Stanford (Science)


HW: None

Long Term Assignment:

Mrs. Jones (Social Studies)


HW: Read 8.6 (pg. 84-85) & write a summary in S.S Notebook on pg. 35

 Long Term Assignments: 

Red Team News



Mrs. Sterling (LA)


Blue HW: Same as below

Red HW: Same as below

Yellow: Same as below

ALL CLASSES: Study for Vocab. Test

Long Term Assignments:

Ms. Dolan (LA)


606 & 607 HW- 

602 HW -

All Classes: - Finish Card   -Read & take notes

Long Term Assignments:

Mrs. Healy (Math)


609: Same as below

607, 608, 610 - Same as below

All sections HW:Pg. 208 4-22 evens

           Long Term Assignments:

Mrs. Guerrero (Science)



Long Term Assignments: Science Project due 2/11/16

Mr. Thompson (Social Studies)


HW: Sparta/Athens Quiz TOMORROW!!! Friday 2/5

Long Term Assignments:

Purple Team News


Please click here for  Purple Team Newsletter      


Mrs. Blake-Hyatt (LA)


Red and Yellow HW: Same as below

Blue HW: Same as below

All Sections HW: -Read Chapters 7 & 8

                         -Vocab packet- Pg. 25

Long Term Assignments: 

Mrs. Burgess (LA)


HW: Section 1-Work on essays; Due in class tomorrow

All Classes -Review vocabulary 13-Quest Friday

                -Read in Mystery book for Book Report

                -Study for Vocab on Friday

       Long Term Assignments:

Mr. Socci (Social Studies)


HW: Document A: Questions 1-3

Mr. Fedeli (Math)


Common Core : 

Common Core Accelerated: 


All Classes:

Ms. Dhindsa (Science)


 HW: -Science Notebook #4 due Monday, 2/8
        -Work on Science Fair project due 02/11
        -Complete Notes 19-21
 Long Term Assignments:

Yellow Team News


Mrs. Bryk (LA)


701/703: 1)Study Word Usage Review Sheet-Quiz Tomorrow

              2)Complete Double Negative Worksheet 

702: Complete Reader Response

All Sections: -

           Long Term Assignments: -Book Report #5 due Feb. 24th

Mr. Schaper (LA)


1. Read

2. Vocab. Unit 9-Choosing the Right Word

Long Term Assignments:

Mrs. Bennett (Math)


701: Finish Packet

702/703: -BIG IDEAS 6.1 due tomorrow!!!!

704/705: NO HW

               Long Term Assignments:




Mrs. Cetinski (Science)


HW: Work on Science Project due Thursday, Feb. 11th

 Long Term Assignments: Project due on Feb. 11th

Ms. Giles (Social Studies)


HW: -Define 5 Voc. words

-Memorize "Eleanor Roosevelt" Quote

 Long Term Assignments: Current Event article due Monday

"Human Rights",Current event report due next week 2/10/16

Orange Team News


Mrs. Bartush (Science) - for homework details if none are listed here

check Mrs. Bartush's  website for details about the homework -

Mrs. Balsinger (LA)



Long Term Assignment:

Mrs. Halliwell (LA)


Please click on the following link for assignments. Homework is under Google Calendar.

Mr. Mundt (Math)


“Please check Mr. Mundt’s website for homework assignments” 


Mrs. Vellucci (Social Studies)


 HW- Finish Constitution vocabulary

Famous African American assignment - due next Thursday.

Long Term Work

Green Team News


Mrs. Counts (LA)


Please click on the following link to access Mrs. Counts HW 

 Long Term Assignments


Mr. McCaughey (LA)


Long Term Assignments:

Dr. Gibson (Social Studies)


HW-Seven Principles of the Constitution due tomorrow 2/5

 Project topics are due by this Friday 2/5 (TOMORROW)

 Long Term Assignment- 

Ms. Anthony (Science)


HW:  2/4 : Study Island: Science and Technology in Society due Friday

Long Term Assignments: 

Mr. Seymour (Math)


Common Core--

Dr Kolbusz (Resource)


Dr. Kolbusz Grades 6, 7, and 8: 

Parents, please sign and check planners daily for homework assignments. 

Related Arts


Mr. McVay (Spanish)



Mrs. Richello (Art)



Mrs. Halliday(Mrs. Cameron-Sub.) (French)


8th Grade:

Study for Verb Conjugation quiz on Monday

7th Grade ACE:

Write out situation Cards on paper (in French sentences)

7th BDF:

Pages 118-119

Write out #s 7-10 on separate paper in complete French sentences.

6th ACE:

Do Workbook Pages:  2-5

6th BDF:

Page 31-22

Write out # 20 and 22 on separate paper in complete French sentences.


Ms.Chahine  (Spanish)


Mrs. Tomasi (Spanish)



Mr.Balsinger (Computer)

Practice keyboarding on Nitro Type (10 minutes)