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                                               April 11, 2014 


Blue Team News


 Food Donation for BOLD food drive.

Mrs. Mulvey (LA)


603 & 605 HW: none

AT HW: Same as above

 Long Term Assignment: 

Ms.Dolan (LA)

Any make up work must be in tomorrow. Last call!!!


Mr McGee (Math)


Phase I: none

Phase II: none

Long Term Assignments:

Mr. Stanford (Science)



Mrs. Jones (Social Studies)



Long Term Assignments: 

Red Team News


Mrs. Loris (LA)


no hw


Mrs. Sterling (LA)


no hw


Mrs. Healy (Math)


Phase I: no hw

Phase II: no hw

Long Term Assignments:

Mrs. Guerrero (Science)


no hw


Mr. Thompson (Social Studies)


no hw

Purple Team News


Please click on the link for Purple Team Newsletter

Mrs. Blake-Hyatt (LA)



Mrs. Burgess (LA)



Mr. Mundt (Math)


Phase I: no hw

Phase II: no hw

Algebra: No hw

Ms. Barr (Social Studies)


Pick a country for Europe project

Ms. Dhindsa (Science)



1.    Worksheet: Earthly Anagrams

2.       Earth Science Test 4/23

3.       Science Notebook due 4/28

Yellow Team News



Mrs. Bryk (LA)


701/703: Have a great Vacay


Long Term Assignments:  Book report #7 due Thursday, May 8th.

Mr. Schaper (LA)


Enjoy Vacation 

Mrs. Lyon (Math)


Phase I: none

Phase II: none

Algebra: none

All Classes:

Mrs. Cetinski (Science)


Happy Spring Vacation

Long Term Assignments:

4/22 Word Root Quiz (tang-zoo)

4/23 Formal Lab write-up (sediment Lab) 

4/30 Science Current Events Article

Ms. Giles (Social Studies)



Long Term Assignments 


Orange Team News


Mrs. Bartush (Science)



Mrs. Balsinger (LA)


HW 807/808/810

Read for 30 minutes                           

Mrs. Bono (LA)


 Work on your report and poster. They are due on April 10. 

Mr. Fedeli (Math)


all sections should study for test and finish break even point ws

Mr. Gibson (Social Studies)


Research artifacts for Time Capsule Project!

Green Team News


Mrs. Counts (LA)


(1)          STUDY your Units 7, 8, and 9 comprehensive vocabulary study guide and vocabulary packets in preparation for your upcoming exam.

Long Term Assignments:   

 Units 7, 8, and 9 Comprehensive Vocabulary Exam Wednesday, April 23


Mr. McCaughey (LA)


Mr. Socci (Social Studies)



Ms. Anthony (Science)


Lab report (must be completed individually): DUE THURSDAY, APRIL 10TH 

       - Print lab report and attach the rubric on the front of the lab report

      PowerPoint or Poster Presentation (must be completed with your lab partner): DUE THURSDAY, APRIL 10TH 

       - PowerPoint must be saved on a flash drive or emailed to

Mr. Seymour (Math)


All classes should study their linear systems review packets for their test tomorrow. 

Related Arts


Mrs. Pair (Spanish)


Mrs. Richello (Art)

Mrs. Halliday (French)


All grades:  Pas de devoirs (no HW).  Bonnes Vacances (Have a great vacation)!


Ms. Sullivan (Spanish)



Mrs. Tomasi (Spanish)


8th Grade - no hw

7th Grade - no hw

6th Grade - no hw