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                                               Friday, October 24, 2014 


Blue Team News


 Wear a Blue Top on Thursday for field trip.

Mrs. Mulvey (LA)


603 & 605 HW: no hw unless you need to finish paragraph

AT HW:  no hw

 Long Term Assignment: 

Ms. Conron (LA)

Get quiz signed

Mr. McGee (Math)


Sections 601 Finish puzzle time & 605: Study multiplication facts to 12.

Sections 602, 603, & 604: Finish enrichment #6

Long Term Assignments:


Dr. Stanford (Science)



Mrs. Jones (Social Studies)


Bring the supplies you need for your project.

Long Term Assignments: 

Civilization project is due 10/30. 

Red Team News



Mrs. Sterling (LA)


Red HW: Unit 5 Vocab Synonyms & Antonyms

Yellow HW: Same

Blue HW: Same as above

Ms. Dolan (LA)


Bring independent reading book to class Monday. You must be done reading it. Rough Draft for book report will be handed out Monday 10/27.

Long Term Assignments:


Mrs. Healy (Math)


606 & 608: no hw

607, 609, 610 -  no hw

Long Term Assignments:

Mrs. Guerrero (Science)


10/24 - Signed Quiz. Quiz Tuesday - Winds - Map with jetstream

Mr. Thompson (Social Studies)


Mesopotamia Test next week


Purple Team News


Please click on the link for Purple Team Newsletter

Mrs. Blake-Hyatt (LA)


Blue - Work on 2nd draft

Red & Yellow -  No HW

All Classes:

Mrs. Burgess (LA)


Revise Rudy Essay - Due Tuesday


Ms. Barr (Social Studies)


Continue Research.

Latin America Project Due 11/18.

Mr. Mundt (Math)


Common Core : R & P Journals Pg 43-46

Common Core Accelerated: Signed test for scoring

Algebra: Study Notes

All Classes:

Ms. Dhindsa (Science)


Section Review Ph 95 Q 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9
Unit Test on 10/31.

Yellow Team News


**Sign Up for Natures Classroom.**

**Permission slips for NY Jewish Heritage Museum.**

Mrs. Bryk (LA)


701/703: Study for Noun Quiz

702: None

Long Term Assignments: Book Report #2 due 10/31.

Mr. Schaper (LA)


October grammar packets due next week.

Read for Octobers 1 pager Due Oct 30th. 

Mrs. Lyon (Math)


Common Core: 701 -  No Hw

Common Core Accelerated: 702, 703, 704, 705 - Be sure classwork is completed.

All Classes:

Mrs. Cetinski (Science)


Soap lab due tomorrow 10/24.

Long Term Assignments:

Mass, volume and Density LAb due Tuesday (in pen)

Elements Quiz # 31-40 on Wednesday 10/29.

Chapter 1 section 2 Quiz Thursday 10/30.


Ms. Giles (Social Studies)


Work on completing your explorer project.  

 Project due 10/30. Next Thursday Early Projects +10

Long Term Assignments 


Orange Team News


Mrs. Bartush (Science)


1.  Study Island due 10/31

2.  CMT vocab page 6 due 11/7

Be sure to check out Mrs. Bartush's web site for more details about class

Mrs. Balsinger (LA)


HW - 10/24

Complete first draft due by the end of the day Monday, October 27th.

Read for 30 minutes.


Mrs. Bono (LA)



Mr. Fedeli (Math)



alg------pizza party ws

pre-alg------finish area worksheet----806 1-19

Dr. Gibson (Social Studies)


Complete Project due this Monday 10/27!

Green Team News


Mrs. Counts (LA)



  (1)           Write a rough draft for your two (2) paragraph poem reaction essay for the poem “Crystal Moment” in preparation for Monday’s GRADED peer editing session.  (KEEP IN MIND, YOU MUST HAVE A ROUGH DRAFT TO RECEIVE A GRADE FOR PEER EDITNG WITH YOUR PARTNER!)

(2)           Review the short story, “Raymond’s Run”.

(3)           Complete the “After You Read” section (Page 31) and the “Support for Writing and Extend Your Learning” section (Page 32) in your workbook for the short story, “Raymond’s Run”.


  Long Term Assignments:    

     Poem Reaction #3 – Crystal Moment

Wednesday, October 29


Mr. McCaughey (LA)



 1) No Homework. Enjoy your weekend

 Long Term Assignments:

Mr. Socci (Social Studies)



no homework

Ms. Anthony (Science)


10/24    Study and organize notebook for test

 Upcoming assignments:

CMT vocab (Temperature-Photosynthesis) due Friday 10/31

TEST: Ch.2 (sections 1 and 2) on Friday 10/31 


Mr. Seymour (Math)


10/24 no hw


Dr Kolbusz (Resource)



Related Arts


Mrs. Pair (Spanish)


Mrs. Richello (Art)



Mrs. Halliday (French)



Grade 8:  Print French grades from PowerSchool and get them signed by a parent.

Grade 7 BDF:  P. 118 Act 7:  Write the meaning of the questions.

Grade 7 ACE:  If you did not complete p. 118 Act 7 in class, do so.

Grade 6 BDF:  Review numbers song (0-20).

Grade 6 ACE:  Review numbers song (0-20).

Ms. Sullivan (Spanish)



grade 8 study quizlet vocab on descriptions (of people) handout or on-line

grade 7 study quizlet vocab on classroom items, handout or on-line


Mrs. Tomasi (Spanish)


8th Grade - Practice Vocab - restaurant

7th Grade -  Practice Breakfast and Lunch Vocab

6th Grade - Practice #s, Calendar & greetings.