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                                               August 27, 2014 


Blue Team News



Mrs. Mulvey (LA)


603 & 605 HW: NO HW

AT HW: same

 Long Term Assignment: 

Ms. Conron (LA)



Mr. McGee (Math)


Phase I:

Phase II:

Long Term Assignments:

Mr. Stanford (Science)




Mrs. Jones (Social Studies)



Long Term Assignments: 


Red Team News



Ms. Dolan (LA)


no hw


Mrs. Sterling (LA)




Mrs. Healy (Math)


Phase I: 

Phase II:

Long Term Assignments:

Mrs. Guerrero (Science)



Mr. Thompson (Social Studies)


no hw

Purple Team News


Please click on the link for Purple Team Newsletter

Mrs. Blake-Hyatt (LA)


Tuesday - Last day for summer reading

Mrs. Burgess (LA)


 Summer Reading

Mr. Mundt (Math)


Phase I: No Hw

Phase II: Same as above

Algebra: Same as above


Ms. Barr (Social Studies)


Finish Theme Sheet

Ms. Dhindsa (Science)


Materials Needed
3 Ring Binder with 3 tabs
Pen, pencil and highlighter

Yellow Team News



Mrs. Bryk (LA)



702: SAME

Long Term Assignments: 

Mr. Schaper (LA)


no hw

Mrs. Lyon (Math)


Phase I: none

Phase II: none

Algebra: No Hw make sure classwork has been handed in.

All Classes: Turn in Math Books.

Mrs. Cetinski (Science)


no hw 

Long Term Assignments:


Ms. Giles (Social Studies)



Project presentations in class.

Long Term Assignments 


Orange Team News


Mrs. Bartush (Science)



Mrs. Balsinger (LA)


Summer Reading


Bring in an independent book.

Read at home for 30 minutes.                   

Mrs. Bono (LA)



Mr. Fedeli (Math)



Mr. Gibson (Social Studies)



Green Team News


Mrs. Counts (LA)


(1)           Bring in your composition notebook in preparation for Tuesday’s journal.

(2)           Read (or reread) the short story, “Memories of the Dust Bowl”.  (Note #1)

(3)           Review the pre-reading vocabulary for the upcoming class text, Of Mice and Men.




Complete the “Memories of the Dust Bowl” writing assignment.  Make sure you read the instructions carefully!



Long Term Assignments:    

  Composition Notebook

Due:  Tuesday, September 2nd



Mr. McCaughey (LA)


Mr. Socci (Social Studies)



Ms. Anthony (Science)



Mr. Seymour (Math)



Related Arts


Mrs. Pair (Spanish)


Mrs. Richello (Art)

Mrs. Halliday (French)


If you did not submit your text book, make sure that you bring it to me tomorrow at the latest so that you can be taken off the office's obligation list.  Reminder:  If you cannot locate the book, you will have to pay the main office $69 in cash to replace the book.

Ms. Sullivan (Spanish)



Mrs. Tomasi (Spanish)


8th Grade - no hw

7th Grade - no hw

6th Grade - no hw