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                                                     March 26, 2015 

                                        Please Scroll down for Related Arts Teachers

Blue Team News



Mrs. Mulvey (LA)


603 & 605 HW: Finish My Life with no Chimpanzees

AT HW:  Same

Long Term Assignment: Book report due April 2nd

Ms. Conron (LA)

Get Quiz Signed. Book report due Monday

Long Term Assignments: 


Mr. McGee (Math)


Sections 601 & 605: none

Sections 602, 603, & 604: Pg 120 (w)

Long Term Assignments:

Dr. Stanford (Science)


Chapter 2 test Monday 3/30

Mrs. Jones (Social Studies)



Ice Cream Social Monday 

Long Term Assignments: 


Red Team News



Mrs. Sterling (LA)


Red HW:

Blue HW:

Yellow HW:


Ms. Dolan (LA)


Notes from reading due.

 Long Term Assignments:


Mrs. Healy (Math)


606-608 -none

607, 609, 610 - none

All Classes:

Long Term Assignments: Bring in contribution for Silent Auction

Mrs. Guerrero (Science)


Quiz Monday Cycles of Matter


Mr. Thompson (Social Studies)


Finish Ws

Purple Team News


Please click on the link for Purple Team Newsletter


Mrs. Blake-Hyatt (LA)


Blue - Finish Book, Complete vocab packet.

Red & Yellow - 

All Classes:


Mrs. Burgess (LA)


Finish your outline

Ms. Barr (Social Studies)


Dap cards are due Monday ( 10 words sections 1-4)

Mr. Mundt (Math)


Common Core :  Complete class work

Common Core Accelerated: Same as above

Algebra: Pg 2 & 3 Solving systems

All Classes:

Ms. Dhindsa (Science)


Review Class work

Yellow Team News



Mrs. Bryk (LA)


701/703: complete Penny Argumentative Essay

702: Same as above

Long Term Assignments: Book report # 6 due Tuesday April 7th.

Mr. Schaper (LA)


no hw


Mrs. Lyon (Math)


Common Core: 701 -  no hw

Common Core Accelerated: 702, 703, 704, 705 - no hw

All Classes:

Mrs. Cetinski (Science)


no hw

 Long Term Assignments:


Ms. Giles (Social Studies)


Complete the following and turn it in by Monday: IT IS DUE MONDAY!!!!

Final Copy of Letter

Rough Draft



Long Term Assignments:  


Orange Team News


Mrs. Bartush (Science) - for homework details if none are listed here

check Mrs. Bartush's  website for details about the homework -


Mrs. Balsinger (LA)


Read for 30 minutes

Please note:  Students will have an opportunity to 

make up missing assignments on March 26th.  

Please click HERE

Long Term Project Marking Period 3


Writing Focus: Argumentative Essay

Prepare youself by reading informational articles on

topics that interest you. You may find these in newpapers

and periodicals.


Mrs. Bono (LA)


 Don't forget: Your book report is due on April 2. 

Mr. Fedeli (Math)


cc----finish study guide and study for Pythagorean theorem quiz

alg-----finish 5.1.2 packet

Dr. Gibson (Social Studies)


Notebook with 11 completed notes due on Wednesday 4/1

New Government Unit Test on Thursday 4/2

Long Term Work:


Green Team News


Mrs. Counts (LA)


(1)           STUDY your twenty (20) Unit #9 vocabulary words.

(2)           COMPLETE your entire Unit #9 vocabulary packet in preparation for Monday’s collection and review.

(3)           Read (or reread) the short story, “A Glow in the Dark” by Gary Paulsen in your common core textbook. (Page 321-324).

Complete questions 1, 2 and 4 in the Critical Thinking section on Page 324

 Long Term Assignments:      

  Unit #9 Vocabulary Exam  Wednesday, April 1


Mr. McCaughey (LA)


1) Please complete all chapter review questions for The Giver (802, 805) 

  Long Term Assignments:

Mr. Socci (Social Studies)


Please check Mr. Socci's website daily for details about homework -
Check out the updates made to the class website.
Study for Test

Long term Assignments:


Ms. Anthony (Science)


3/24-3/26: Work on Human Body System Board Game Project. 

This is worth a test grade (40%) and is due Thursday 3/26. 

Use the guidelines and rubric provided to complete your project.

Mr. Seymour (Math)


 Common Core--Ch 7 WS #1 , questions #1-12 

 Algebra-Pg 121, 122 #1-21 odds only

Geometry---SAT Packet #1 (25 minutes of effort)

Dr Kolbusz (Resource)


Dr. Kolbusz Grades 6, 7, and 8: 

Parents, please sign and check planners daily for homework assignments. 

Related Arts


Mrs. Pair (Spanish)


Mrs. Richello (Art)



Mrs. Halliday (French)



Grade 8:  Study notes.

Grade 7 ACE:  Study notes.

Grade 7 BDF:  Read conversation on page 170 and answer all questions that follow.

Grade 6 ACE:  Study Unit 2 vocab.

Grade 7 BDF:  Finish culture packet.


Ms. Sullivan (Spanish)


Mrs. Tomasi (Spanish)


FOR THE WEEK OF  March 23 to March 26

8TH GRADE:   806 & 807 - No homework,  we are 


7th GRADE:  702, 704, 706-  No homework, we are


6th GRADE:     601, 604, 608- Practice vocabulary Unit 3 


Mr.Balsinger (Computer)

Practice keyboarding on Nitro Type (10 minutes)