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4/22/2014 – A Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,3) 5,4,6,7

4/23/2014 – B Day – (Testing Periods: 2,3,6) 5,1,4,7

4/24/2014 – C Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,3) 5,4,6,7

4/25/2014 – D Day – (Testing Periods: 2,3,6) 5,1,4,7

4/29/2014 - F Day – (Testing Periods: 2,3,4) 5,1,6,7

4/30/2014 – A Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,3) 5,4,6,7


5/13/2014 – D Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,3) 5,4,6,7

5/14/2014 – E Day - (Testing Periods: 3,4,6) 5,1,2,7

5/15/2014 – F Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,3) 5,4,6,7

5/20/2014 – C Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,4) 5,3,6,7

5/21/2014 – D Day – (Testing Periods: 1,2,3) 5,1,6,7

5/22/2014 – E Day – (Testing Periods: 3,4,6) 5, 1,2,7


Date:   April 2014

From:  Joseph M. Vellucci

Now that the days are getting warmer, it is a good time to review the Board of Education Policy for student dress and grooming.  At Roton we have no intention of becoming the "fashion police". However, we will address inappropriate dress with both the student and the parent. 

The serious nature of our school activities and pride in the reputation of our school require neat grooming, cleanliness and appropriate dress.

 Student's overall appearance should fall within the generally accepted definitions of neatness and cleanliness.  Generally, the students are expected to dress and groom themselves for the business of school, so as to neither distract other students or teachers, disrupt the education process, or pose a health or safety threat to anyone.  Clothing should be clean, not torn, and free from promotion of or reference to drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and offensive signs, symbols or words.  Clothing should also be free of slogans, names, titles or the like which are defamatory toward person(s), group(s), the school or other organizations or which are likely to incite or inflame. Apparel which is worn to symbolize membership in a gang or clique will not be permitted.

The Board of Education encourages students to dress in clothing appropriate to the school situation.  Restrictions on freedom of student dress may be applied whenever the mode of dress is in question.

Clothing regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • No head coverings are to be worn inside the school during school day (Religious purposes excluded).
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. 
  • No clothing, caps or jewelry that advertise alcohol, illegal substances, or contain suggestive words or pictures (related to sex, alcohol, drugs, and gangs). 
  • Pants and shorts must be worn appropriately, no pajamas or flip flops. 
  • No midriff tops.
  • Any mode of dress, immodest appearance, that creates an “unbusinesslike” appearance on campus is deemed inappropriate by the administration and will be prohibited. 
  • Inappropriate items may be confiscated.
  • No bandanas.
  • No heavy jewelry.
  • No long chains.

At the secondary level (7-12) clothing which is worn in physical education shall not be worn in other classes or parts of the school nor shall clothing worn in regular classes be worn in physical education.  Physical education teachers will specify the kind of clothing appropriate for their activity.

The wearing of sunglasses in school is also not permitted.

As always, I thank you for your support.



School Mission Statement
Roton is a caring place where the school community develops
the students' highest potential through high academic expectation,
respect, responsibility and the celebration of diversity.


Congratulations To Roton Middle School for
making the Top 10 list for Overall Improvement
from ConnCan!! Click on the image above to
read our letter from Patrick Riccards, CEO of ConnCan.



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