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Photo Albums

Vi Hart (at Khan Academy): (1-24-14)

 What a Mom says:

Kid's Response:

Vi Hart at Khan Acadmey: (added 9-3-12)

Did you Know?

Intro to Tesselations: (added 3-2-12)

Tesselation Slideshow: (added 3-2-12)

Vi Hart:  Multiplication - (added 1-26-12)

The Weird Number (updated 5/29/12): - very small video


Check out Vi Hart - Doodling in Math Class Triangle Party - (1/9/12)

Vi Hart's Website -

Vi Hart - binary numbers (Sierpinski's Triangle connection):

Vi Hart - music -
Another video (Mobius Strip) -

Vi Hart on Fibonacci Spirals -

Pugs Recycle (added 10-13-11)

Elephants Reunited after 20 years (added 9-3-11)

Sam the Bellhop - Amazing Card Trick/Story - Bill Malone

Another Amazing Card Trick (added 12-09)

World's Wackiest Snow Boarder

The Four Finger Pianist - Hee Ah Lee

Vernon Cups and Balls John Mendoza - Magic 
(courtesy of Keith - WR)

Chinese Ballet Circus - amazing flexibility/strength

Crow and Kitten are Friends

Romancing the Road - Chariot and Rachel 89 years young

Watch out Tiger Woods

Peep Surgery