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Norwalk Public Schools

Grade 8 Social Studies Standards


Concepts:                   Need to Know About Colonial America


                                    1. Early Colonies

                                                a. Jamestown and Roanoke

                                                b. John Smtih

                                                c. Bacon’s Rebellion

                                                d. Middle Passage


2. New England Colonies


            a. Pilgrims, Plymouth and Mayflower Compact

            b. Puritans and their Leaders

            c. Squanto

            d. New England Way

e. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

            f. King Phillips War

            g. Salem Witch Trials

            h. Subsistence Farming

            i. Triangular Trade

            j. Navigation Acts

            k. Major Industries


3. Middle Colonies


            a. Peter Stuyvesant and the Dutch

            b. William Penn and Quakers

            c. Proprietary vs. Royal Colony

            d. Diversity

            e. Cash Crops


4. Southern Colonies


            a. Lord Baltimore and Maryland

            b. James Ogelthorpe and Georgia

            c. Plantation system

            d. Slavery


5.  Early American Culture


            a. The Great Awakening

            b. Enlightenment

            c. John Locke



6.  Roots of Representative Government


            a. Magna Carta

            b. English Bill Of Rights

            c. Salutary Neglect
                        d. Glorious Revolution


7.  French and Indian War


            a. Fur Trade

b. Albany Plan of Union

            c. Braddocks’s  defeat

            d. Treaty of Paris

            e. Pontiac’s Rebellion

            f. Proclamation of 1763



Skills:                          Be Able to Do


Compare and Contrast





Topics or Content:     Colonial America



Essential Questions


1. How and why did the three American colonial regions differ from one another?


2. Why did some colonies succeed and others fail?



Big Ideas


1.  People, religious beliefs, industries, climate and economy varied greatly amongst the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies.


2.  Leadership, resources and cooperation amongst members lead to the success or failure of a colony



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