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Norwalk Public Schools

Grade 8 Social Studies

Unwrapped Standards for The American Revolution



Concepts: Need to Know About The American Revolution


1.      Tighter British Control

a.       Colonies and Britain grow apart

b.      British taxation in the colonies

c.       Colonial protest of British taxation and policies

d.      Results of colonial protest



2.      Road to Lexington and Concord

a.       The Intolerable Acts

b.      First Continental Congress

c.       Lexington and Concord



3.      Declaring Independence

a.       Continental Army is formed

b.      Battle of Bunker Hill

c.       Evacuation of Boston

d.      John Locke and Common Sense

e.       Concepts of the Declaration of Independence



4.      Early Years of the Revolution

a.       Colonists choose sides

b.      Struggle in the Middle Colonies

c.       Britain’s Strategy



5.      The War Expands

a.       European involvement

b.      Valley Forge

c.       War on the frontier

d.      War at sea



6.      Path to Victory

a.       Britain moves the war south

b.      Guerrilla warfare

c.       The final battle

d.      Why the Americans won

e.       The Treaty of Paris

f.       Social changes in America






1.      Describe

2.      Compare and Contrast

3.      Analyze

4.      Evaluate



Topic and Content

1.      Road to Revolution

2.      The Revolutionary War



Essential Questions for The American Revolution Unit

1.      Why did the colonies ultimately sever ties with the British Empire?


2.      Why do revolutions occur? Under what circumstances do revolutions fail or succeed?


3.       How did the American colonies defeat what was the greatest military power on earth (Great Britain)?


4.      What is the best way to show opposition to policies you consider unjust?


5.      What forms of opposition are appropriate? What are the risks and rewards of opposition used?



Big Ideas


Ruling authorities should protect the interest of the ruled.  When the ruling authority fails to do this, the governed are compelled to institute change.


The degree or lack of motivation, leadership, unity, sacrifice, and the positive promotion of a cause determine the success or failure of a revolution.


Opposing unjust policies is natural to the democratic process. When selecting the form of opposition one should consider the risks, rewards, and appropriateness of the action.





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