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Norwalk Public Schools

Grade 8 Social Studies Standards


Concepts:             Need to Know About Westward Expansion


1.     The Jefferson Era

a.       Marbury V. Madison

b.      Louisiana Purchase

c.       Lewis + Clark

d.      War of 1812


2.     National and Regional Growth

a.       Farm Life

b.      Inventions

c.       Sectionalism


3.     The Age of Jackson

a.       Jacksonian Democracy

b.      Indian Removal Act


4.     Manifest Destiny

a.       Trails West

b.      Texas Revolution

c.       The War with Mexico

d.      The California Gold Rush


Skills:                    Be Able to Do


-         Locate (Land Acquired)

-         Compare and Contrast (American Expansion West)

-         Describe (Conflict resolved through comprise)

-         Analyze (The difference between colonization in the 1600’s and Manifest Destiny in the 1840’s)


Topics or Contexts:


-         Westward Expansion

-         Jefferson Era

-         Jackson Era






Essential Questions:


-         How did Expansionism shape the US?

-         How did early American Presidents’ policies affect politics, economics and society?

-         In what ways has technology affected the Us during the Industrial Revolution and Westward Expansion?


Big Idea

-         During the 1800’s, the US expanded the US territory from the Missouri River to the Pacific ocean.

-         Decisions made by the Executive Branch of government during the 1800’s have implemented society and geography of the US.

-         New inventions and technology changed the way Americans lived their daily lives and impacted Westward Expansion.



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